Sm@rtWelcome, multichannel contact center

Systems and infrastructures for multi-channel contact centres

How to identify and satisfy customers’ requests and provide an excellent Customer Experience even on the move??

Through infrastructure common to the various channels which, also thanks to semantic speech recognition, optimises contact requests and interactions via mobile, telephone, video call, web chat, app, social network, e-mail, SMS and instant message systems.

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A single reception and contact management platform with a multi-channel approach

An all-channel contact centre to route every contact request to the right operator in real time.

Complete integration with social media, SMS, web chat, app and video call centre systems

Thanks to unified management of all the communication channels and integration with the CRM and management systems in use, it is always possible to respond (no missed contacts), in real time (even when the receiver of the call is not available) and in the channel chosen by the caller.

Every contact holds a business opportunity: Sm@rtWelcome gives a better performance and customer experience.

How to activate effective water and electrical fault notifications: The ACEA contact centre

success story acea

Success story: Interview with Roberto Bonifanti – ACEA Distribuzione Electricity Call Centre Staff Manager

The main problem that our company has to constantly deal with is a high number of urgent issues communicated by a large pool of users (around 1,600,000 users in the area), which we have to respond to extremely quickly. (…) From our point of view, the system has been perfectly devised to improve centralised feedback”

Innovation, multi-channels, interaction with users: the AMA Linea Verde contact centre

success story acea

Success Story: Interview with Claudio Rocchetti - Linea Verde service manager and Ferruccio Vangelisti – Linea Verde technical service manager

“We missed 38% of 159,000 calls in 2012. We had to come up with a new coded telephone front end and a back office for e-mail requests.”

“It’s as if we’d strengthened the service by 30%. We needed to manage the process; before to some extent we were slave to it.”