Sm@rtC6®: multichannel HR Innovation solution

More efficient HR management without changing your management system

Sm@rtC6® automates time-consuming activities, simplifies people’s work and guarantees communications. Always, from any device.



smartc6 - soluzione per la gestione del personale

A multichannel solution to simplify personnel management

A single multichannel platform that slots into your management system to innovate and simplify all HR communications.

It reduces the HR office workload and administrative duties, optimises processes and improves people-company relations.


Mancate timbrature addio

Wave goodbye to clocking in on-site. Easy clocking in for staff working off-site, in other offices or from home. Your management system is automatically updated in real time.
The HR office has constant control over the situation. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

rilevazione virtuale delle presenze

Virtual clocking in

Clock in where and how you want.

No more queues or trips to clocking-in points: clock in from your landline or the app, also using geolocation. To show you’re at work even when there are no badge readers. Quick, transparent, foolproof, with lower management costs and less infrastructure.

tipologie di timbratura virtuale: telefonica, tramite beacon, tag nfc, geolocalizzazione, bluetooth


Biometric recognition.

So there’s no mistaking the person clocking in: from your smartphone or your desk phone too. For example, with voice recognition. 
timbratura biometrica vocale

Just choose the modules you need

(or all of them if you want!)

Reporting absence gestione assenze per malattia

No more lost notes or messages: employees report their absence (24 hours a day, using any channel), certain that the HR office and their supervisor will be updated in real time. Even in the case of unexpected absences.

Request a group of official medical checks with just one click

Tells you which employees are off sick every day and the cases requiring an official medical check. All these operations are simplified with the group request option.

Holiday and time off management.

Holiday and time off requests and approval in just a few clicks. Gives employees and HR offices a complete, updated overview, 24 hours a day. Also for accrued holidays and time off. Quick and simple, it keeps track of everything.

Gestione ferie e permessi

Shift management.

Constantly changing shifts? Let the staff find someone to stand in themselves. You just have to accept or reject the requests. The system forwards all notification, change and acceptance messages straight away. It’s as easy as ABC.

gestione turni

Emergency management.

To form emergency teams on spec. The automated system identifies staff on call and deals with the sequence of activities from the initial contact to notification of acceptance of the call.


gestione emergenze

Activity reports.

No more writing reports on paper or data entry: staff working off-site report the start/end of operations in real time and report on activities directly by app. For inspections, technical services, building sites, home help and all other kinds of off-premises activity.

rendicontazione attività


Engage your employees and keep them updated, even at a distance. Send messages to individuals or different groups using the channel of your choice.


comunicazioni profilate ai dipendenti

A hi-tech workplace that fosters people’s well-being

Artificial Intelligence and IoT for a unique employee experience

iot e sensoristica ambientale

IOT and Wellbeing

How long is the queue in the canteen? Are there any desks free in the office? Thanks to the IoT IConfort sensors, all workers can have this information at their fingertips in real time.

Monitoring workplace quality and people’s well-being. Collect data on the use of resources – equipment, common areas - and make data-driven decisions to improve everybody’s work experience.

chatbot intelligenti - applicazioni conversazionali

AI and intelligent chatbots.

Making onboarding and everyday activities easier. The intelligent chatbot is at your service to access the pool of company information: procedures, forms, welfare, settings, work tools. Everything you need to make your job a breeze!

The chatbot uses natural language to interact on all of the communication channels.

app smartc6 di itel - gestione del personale

AppHello: the staff app.

Simplify your day-to-day life and work with the app that deals with all company-employee interactions.

  • Clocking in and out.
  • Requests for holiday and time off
  • Sick leave management.
  • Checking, accepting and swapping shifts
  • Availability
  • Activity reports
  • Access to company information
  • Company communications
  • Alerts from employees

They’ve chosen Sm@rtC6®.

clienti SmartC6 - Città Metropolitana di Roma, Cotral, IEO - Istituto Oncologico Europeo di Oncologia, SEA Aeroporti, Unione Terre D'argine, Ausl Toscana Centro, Intercos, La Sapienza, Regione Emilia Romagna