Sm@rtC6 HR automation

Automised work attendance, absence, shift, holiday and time-off management.

With no margin for error, the Sm@rtC6 automatic system promptly forwards all shift notification, modification and acceptance messages; clocking in and out; notifications of absence owing to illness; and holiday and time-off request and acceptance messages.

Better links between people and organisations, also in the HR field, thanks to ICT.

By using different communication channels, Sm@rtC6 can speed up request approval times, eliminate data input and paperwork, and deal with sudden absences, emergencies and availability. The system reduces management and infrastructure costs, interfaces with the management systems in use, and safeguards the investments made. The ROI is significant.

Sm@rtC6 is also an App

With the @ppC6 HR management application, it is possible to communicate absences, request holidays and time off, find out shifts and clock in when on site in a simple, rapid and safe way (with or without geolocalisation), also by tablet or smartphone.

“With Sm@rtC6, we have resolved the problem of informing of absence and the overheads that this involved”

Stefania Garbillo – SAP-HR Manager – SEA Milan airports

“We find it’s just the job: we’ve eliminated a problem and gained time to devote to other processes”

Enrico Pobega – General Manager Personnel & HR – Wartsila

“Sm@rtC6 slotted into our pay system straight away. (…) Being able to eliminate the paperwork and notify of illness, holidays and shifts by telephone gives a great boost in efficiency, to the advantage of both the worker and the human resources department.”

Imma Orilio – CIO Asl Na2

Direct Line between company and employee

With Sm@rtC6 you can communicate in real time by telephone, voice, chat, SMS and social media. From any device, anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Another reason why it’s the ideal way to optimise the communication or notification of unforeseen circumstances or problems. For example, to form emergency teams, deal with injuries, call out on-call workers.

The Return on Investment for companies with over 500 employees is 500% in 3 years.

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