Multi-channel ICT solutions integrated with sensors and devices to collect and put together data from the ground in real time

The Internet of Things at the service of local public administration

Adopting correct intervention strategies, optimising the use of infrastructures, offering integrated services to the citizen.

Sm@rtAgorà is a single and multi-channel ICT platform to collect, share and normalise data from the ground. A real dashboard for full control and monitoring of all the sensors and mobile devices, it helps to make Smart City decisions on:

  • safety
  • sustainable mobility
  • energy efficiency
  • health
smartagora piattaforma smart city multicanale

Smart city and safety on the ground: collecting reports by app and telephone


collecting data on minor crimes

Muggings, prostitution, drug dealing...

Geolocalised map of problem areas

Updated in real time

Information systems for sustainable mobility


Traffic control and optimisation systems

Real time monitoring, mobility plans, map of critical areas

Limited traffic access control systems

access guaranteed throughout Italy and violation checks

Computerised management of inspection services

Mobile app sending reports on the quality and state of public transport

Energy efficiency monitoring systems

environment monitoring systems

Noise pollution and air and water quality

Remote controlled lighting

Optimising energy, management and maintenance costs.

System for water and electrical fault notifications

Collecting reports, activating staff and sending out additional workers in real time

Remote meter reading

remote reading and “intelligent” meters

Digital Health

Telemedicine and mobile health

Care programme reminders, telepresence visits, communication videos

Telemonitoring the chronically ill and chronic-related group

Telemonitoring physiological parameters, prevention of acute phases and use of A&E