Multi-channel communication in Public Relations Office and HR management

How can we garantee communications and an always manned service in multi-channel? More interactive instruments are needed to improve and digitalize communication flows with users. The biggest European University chosed our product to optimize communication with employee as well as with public complete with App. Critical issues of the beginning period have been break down and returns are positive in terms of service quality offered and detected by users as well as waiting time reduction and process optimization.

Read the interview to Daniela Vingiani, Public Relations Manager and Sandro Mauceri, HR Development Manager.

Communicate 2.0 with public as well as employees: certainty, multi-channel and always manned.

La Sapienza has more than 8.000 employees, 11 schools with over 250 degree courses and 200 masters, on 130.000 registered 7.000 are foreigners.
Use of a multi-channel platform and activation of specific functions for Public Relations Office together with HR management as reduced to zero communication gap and improved quality. Active from 2010, this system managed averagely 10.000 communications of personnel absence and 1.500 calls to Public Relations Office per year.


Daniela Vingiani, Public Relations Manager

Why did you choose Sm@rtINFO?
Even if the Public Relations Office has a young target, who use web, e-mail and socials, it can’t work propertly without a proper telephonic service. With Sm@rtINFO we found the right product for actual and future needs of our structure. This system can manage lots of complex informations. Modify the tree structure from web dashboard it’s very simple. The beginning period it’s been well supported by I-Tel with an appropriate course. We receive periodic e-mail of assistance and we feel continuously supported.
We are satisfied of syntetic voice as well. Our messages are complex and it’s needed a good pronunciation also for who has hearing difficulties or language comprehension. The service is in english as well as in italian and we are increasingly receiving calls from overseas.

What return did you get?
Sm@rtINFO gives a big help to our office and it’s h24 active. The system solved problems like recurrent requests as well as general informations. Vocal tree can be updated easily. We have various type of customers like students, public administrations, companies, HR offices and they ask also what they can find on the web site because talking on the phone reassure people.
Sm@rtINFO reduced the amount of calls to the operator. The percentage of satisfied people with IVR is definetly interesting. Moreover public is very happy with this system. Before if you were calling out of the right time you couldn’t find any answer at all, but now you can listen a service and you know, if you want to talk with someone, when you have to call. Returns are only positive.


Sandro Mauceri, HR Development Manager

What changed with Sm@rtC6 system introduction?
It has optimized processes. Before we had to send a fax or we need to call to the office manager who were sending to HR office all absences. It was confusing. Now we have certainty and a multi-channel as well as unique instrument to receive all.
Sm@rtC6 produce report, load justificative of sick leave on time web.
I’m happy of the App, it’s active since the end of 2014. It’s a good evolution of image as well.
Sm@rtC6 improved management ways and reduced time spent. We use less paper and ink. We demonstrate efficiency and facilitate people on sickness right. Before the employee was constrained to call in some hours, now Sm@rtC6 it’s h24 active.

Who use Sm@rtC6 is satisfied? Are you willing to integrate new developments?
Sm@rtC6 it’s used by technical/administrative personnel, 2000 people. Service is acclaimed.
Simplification of communications about state of health has a psicologic value. We never received reports or complaints. The App is very intuitive. Moreover with Sm@rtC6, sms and app we solved problems to communicate with hearing-impaired people. At the beginning we had complex messages but now we can simplify. We never had technical problems or riceived complains. I’m also very happy for technical as well as commercial relation I have together with I-Tel.