Smart City: Cerism@rt project of Comune di Cerignola winner at FPA – Sustainable PA 2018 Award

Cerism@rt project of Comune di Cerignola won an important recognition at ForumPA at 10×10 Sustainable PA 2018 Award in City about infrastructures and social value category.

A multi-channel communication system for Smart city

Cerism@rt project is I-Tel technologic partner and is based on a multi-channel platform called Sm@rtAgorà® and manage 4 specific areas:

Sm@rtCivis to inform about traffic, pharmacies on duty, construction sites and to receive advise (about malfunctions, breakdowns, security) useful to establish a better interaction between citizens and the Government.

Sm@rtYellow to bring the disable directly to the reserved parking area. The “Sky Light Sensor recognize the occupant and send eventual abuse to the operative center.

Sm@rtPark, to pay the parking using a simple APP with GPS locator (also if you are passing-by using guest mode) as well as to pay fines, with saving on notification expenses.

Sm@rtBus, to know details about bus stops nearby, routes and waiting time.

CeriSmart for Smart City

May 23, 2018 – Roma – photo by Stefano Corso

Comune di Cerignola is the 3rd biggest italian town hall for territorial extension. Having the opportunity to communicate with citizens in multi-channel to get feedback about the territory it’s crucial for who lives and work there.

Project target is to simplify life and work of people, as single citizen as well as disables or municipality workers (i.e. police and administrative staff).

Developing this project the first target it’s been to protect disables with reserved parking areas of city center.

The following step it’s been to give parking and fine payments opportunity as well as Governo Condiviso (“Shared Government”).

With a exiguous investment, an efficient administrative machine gives the opportunity to solve problems reported from the citizen with App and gives PA better time management for resources with a better efficiency of 30%.

The citizen who receive a fine can save money on notification expenses receiving a discount paying by App. The prevision on this type of payment is to increase of 5% only because it’s easier.

Willing to have a continuous improvement, Comune di Cerignola is involved in tourism, traffic monitoring, public transport multi-channel traffic access to TLZ, market area management/payment and all increasing communications and relations between citizen and public administration.

All of the above using Sm@rtAgorà® multi-channel platform, sensors and IoT.

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