About multi-channel and HR

Stefania Mancini, technical director of I-Tel, tell us about HR Automation and innovative solutions ready to optimize processes of attendance, non-attendance communication, turnations, holidays and permits.
Enjoy the reading!

ACME Public Company (a name that tell a lot about it because comes from greek ακμή – excellence) has hundreds of employee to manage. Human Resources problems are always the same for all: time and attendance, sick leave, shift changes, holidays and permit to be authorized…

Less paper, more efficiency

HR Manager, tired of paper that the company makes for documents as well as the time spent to manage all in analogic mode, decide to make a change introducing an innovation: because all employee has a smartphone, they can interact with the system on time and attendance being part of the human resource digital process.
Great idea! Today with technology we can make anything!

Simplify to Optimize

He dedicated effort to time and attendance and he discovered that other administrations uses multi-channel with great satisfaction of everybody (unions and workers).

Then he faced the big question: sick leave, manager advise for turnation change and once again the paper quantity produced as well as uncertainty of communications… So our HR Manager choosed to change direction digitalizing processes. He realized that simplify means passing through SINGLE multi-channel platforms that optimize many process within a unique system able to collect informations, generate events and moreover to track all communications.

Less Costs, More Satisfactions

Taking advantage on multi-channel, on flexibility and strenghtness of this solution, ACME HR Director simplified life of his employee and the job of HR operators. Thank’s to automatic flows of informations they don’t need to do data entry on the pc and they can dedicate their time to better-value activities. Now all employees are using telephone, app, e-mail, chatbot at anytime 365 days per year. Time spent to manage people is 50% less than before, anything woks better and above all… ACME obtained many awards thank’s to chosen solutions as well as return on investment! Because one of the most important things for HR Director was to have a mesurable ROI Project.