Apps to optimize processes and for multi-channel communication

All I-Tel products supplements various channels (voice, chatbot, social, video call, mail, sms, …) like evolved and innovative user friendly Apps:


APPhello!It’s the HR Innovation application that simplify life and daily work.

APPhello! Is an innovative and unified APP made to simplify, in only one contact point, all interaction between the employee and the company. With APPhello! People and companies are both leading actors of 100% digital process for an efficient and sustainable approach to the new job market.

AppHello! to:

  • Communicate absence, attendance, turnations, holidays, permits, integrated to any HR management software
  • Send messages to many recipients and/or groups of employee
  • Collect reporting (ex: employee can indicate abnormal situations)
  • Manage immediate availability i.e. in a hospital
  • Reporting Back (start/finish activity, inspection controls, technical intervention,…)

TuttaSalute, the application of Sm@rtHealth for public health always handy

Loocking forward to digital health, citizen empowerment and mobile first, TuttaSalute is a powerful, reliable and intuitive instrument, integrated in only one App, to manage all steps of health path. All steps are routed to have a direct digital connection with patient.

TuttaSalute to:

  • Medical visits (reservation, postponement, cancellation)
  • Payments
  • Screening and vaccination campaigns (migliore redemption delle campagne)
  • Digital informed consent (conformità al GPDR)
  • Informations and proximity services (beacons and indoor navigation)
  • Quality of service (users measurements satisfaction level)
App TuttaSalute

Other Apps

IoT & Smart City Apps

Car park management: Sm@rtPark


Sm@rtPark Shows path to follow to free parking area, pay or extend the stop using smartphones. Where sensors are installed the application can monitor reserved zones (i.e.: disabled parking) and can optimize controller intervention. With proper data can also pay fines.

Limited traffic zone access management: Sm@rtZTL


Automatic management of access communications to LTZ. Can also gives the authorization for disabled people cars

Management and monitoring of technical interventions: Sm@rtWork


Territory is big and technicians to manage are many. This telephonic system or App cammunicate orders and gives the opportunity of reporting, helps in work management with the advantage of a real time communication

Citizens-cities: Sm@rtCivis


Where citizens and municipality are involved sharing informations (pharmacies on duty, events, open construction sites) collection and management of reports (urban decor, rubbish, broken road sings, …)

Digital Health Apps

Recall – waiting lists optimization: Sm@rtRecall


Is to obtain on your smartphone all booked services (day, time, hospital ward,… ). Confirm, posticipate, cancel and pay visits it’s never been so easy

Integrated House Assistance:Sm@rtADI


Automatic access to patient data and to the list of service to be provided; update medical records directly via smartphone. Complete with Operating Room and Alarm Dashboard

Manage screening campaigns: Sm@rtScreening


Sm@rtScreening helps the citizen during choice of appointment and reduce costs related to paper communication mails

Digital payments:


To know the amount as citizen as well as business via smartphone and to report inspection prevention controls for workers health.

Telemedicine & territorial health: Sm@rtEven


to follow via App personalized terapeutic plans, book visits, also in telepresence. Complete with Operating Room and Alarm Dashboard.

Digital check-in and indoor navigation: Sm@rtBeacons


To receive and drive people inside buildings to destination. Possibility of advise people in line for possible things to do like payments etc.

Managing Vaccination Campaigns Sm@rtVax


Per richiedere, visualizzare o produrre libretti vaccinali; prenotare, disdire, posticipare prestazioni in autonomia; ottenere informazioni; pagare l’eventuale ticket.

Hearing impaired emergency management: Sm@rtOnline


For a better emergency management, to interact with public health or police in real time with an operator.

HR Innovation Apps

HR digital transformation: Sm@rtC6


To communicate absence, holidays and permit request, to share and to know turnations, check-in on the move. Direct connection with the HR management.

Sending information campaigns: Sm@rtContact


To send messages to many people: technical and management personnel, groups of employee, etc. A group of consignee can be created to solve any need related to optimal flow of informations and data.

Inspection service management: Sm@rtCheck


To collect in real time the most important quality indicators about transport services: cleaning, damaging, user informations, overcrowding, comfort and critical issues. Report register for future checks.