Sm@rtHealth: ICT solutions for the health sector in a single multi-channel platform

A single multi-channel platform to optimise and automise Digital Health communication processes:

  • automatic recall services to the patient to reduce waiting lists
  • computerised management of home help workers’ activities and service status
  • tele-care and telemedicine solutions for the chronically ill
  • management of emergency medical service and nearest on-call worker to patient
  • automatic memo services for screenings, vaccinations, collecting prosthetic limbs
  • emergency management for the hearing impaired via chat
  • payment of appointment charges/debt collection
Home Care AppAt-home care app Smau Mob App Award to Smart ADI

Computerised at-home care management

Sm@rtADI is an automatic Mobile Health system to optimise integrated at-home care processes. In particular:

  • access to the patient’s data and services required
  • updating electronic medical file
  • checking home help workers’ service status (clocking in/out at beginning/end of intervention)
  • management of health staff shifts (finding out/swapping shifts).

Sm@rtADI eliminates all computer data entry and paperwork.

With just 30 operators and 6 interventions a day, the ROI is 300%

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Cup Recall and reducing waiting list

The Sm@rtCupRecall system automatically calls patients a few days before their appointment and asks them to confirm or cancel. The system automatically informs the single booking system of the places freed up to fill them in real time with new bookings.

We urgently needed to resolve the long-standing problem of waiting lists. (…) we achieved important results straight away. An example is the Turin 1 local health district, where no less than 16,000 places were freed up, with savings of 800 thousand euros. And the trend kept up over the following years. Gianfranco Barberis - Piedmont Single Booking Service Centre manager

Cup Recallapp Smart Cup Recallavailable on the public authorities’ electronic marketplace

Mobile Health: solutions available by app


To automatically access the patient’s data and the list of services required. To update medical records directly by telephone without having to enter data on the PC. To clock in and out at the beginning/end of the intervention. @ppADI won the Rome 2013 Smau Mob App Awards


To give you an overview of all the services booked for yourself and family (date, time, location…) plus advisory notices on your smartphone. To book, cancel, postpone medical appointments quickly and easily.


The app for the hearing impaired to call and communicate with the emergency number via chat or SMS (if only a telephone network is available).